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Sab 21 Apr 2018 - 01:37  
Registrazione Utenti

Registration page to the DCMC Intranet website

Notice: use this page only for the first registration to this site.

Before going through this form, You should register to the Politecnico Intranet site at the address https://www.intranet.polimi.it and obtain the "codice persona".

For the first time just enter a personal email address of regular use and press Send.

In a short time you will receive an email (check also in your mail spam folder) containing the code that you need to enter the next phase of the registration process.

If you already received the code at your email, enter all data in the form including the code and press Send.
In the next phase of the registration you will be asked to enter some personal data, like home address, address in Italy, phone numbers, codice fiscale, the job position that you're going to cover at the Department, your office and internal telephone number (if available).
(*) These fields are mandatory.

(*) You are from:
(*) Codice persona (You can get it at www.intranet.polimi.it):
(*) Birth date (in the format day/month/year like 31/12/2012):
(*) E-mail (personal and of regular use):
Code (received by mail):